Our son was diagnosed with ASD and required ABA/IBI therapy.  We did our research and realized that the amount for private therapy was insurmountable, and one we would not have been able to afford.  Our son was just placed on the government waiting list, which means, we will not obtain any funding anytime soon.
We found ourselves in a predicament where our son needed immediate therapy but were unable to afford treatment.  Additionally, the day-care our son attended conveyed to us that they would not have been able to accommodate him any longer due to extra-care attention that he requires.  This was a sad moment for us.
We searched extensively for organizations which offered financial support for ASD treatment and we found Waves of Change.  We immediately contacted them and they encouraged us to apply.  We applied, and within a few weeks were approved for funding.  The application and approval processes were seamless and thanks to Waves of Change, our son has started receiving treatment.  Without a doubt, with their financial support, Waves of Change has been a tremendous source of help to us.