When our sweet Victoria was diagnosed with autism, we felt so overwhelmed and lost, all these mixed feelings of guilt, sadness and the questions: what do we do now? Where do we start? You are going through a grieving phase of the vision you had for your kid, it was devastating but at least we know what we were dealing with; I remembered looking at my daughter’s eyes and telling her “Don’t worry baby everything will be ok” and from that moment on I never give up on her. I knew she was capable of many things with the right help and support. Since the waiting list for the Assessment was long we immediately decided to put her into speech therapy; we saw a lot of improvement in the following months, she was able to say more words and express herself a little. I dedicated myself to do more research of programs and funds in order to help her, that’s when a very good friend introduced me to Waves of Changes just in the moment that we needed the most. I cannot be more grateful with this wonderful organization for helping kids on the spectrum like my sweet Victoria, they are also supportive to all the parents in our community. On behalf of my baby girl, Thank you very much for your continued support and help, all of you are truly blessed Angels from heaven.