Our four and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with autism just one year ago. A fundamental shift took place in our lives when we realized one of our precious children needed an overwhelming amount of help and support to enable her to lead a successful and happy life. For the first time we felt that we as parents may not be enough – we needed therapists, doctors and a whole support team around us to help lift her up and move her forward. As a young family in today’s day and age, it was almost impossible for us to make all the ends meet and provide her with all the different therapies she needed. With the help of Waves of Change for Autism, we were able to reach past the barriers of our financial circumstances and bring about even more change and support for our little girl. There is nothing else that we could have asked for at this point in time in our lives. Thank you to all of you who have made this possible – you have helped one little girl’s love, laughter and spirit be stronger for the journey ahead.