What our Families Say

Thankful Parent

We wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation for the support that Waves of Change is doing to help autistic children.

The support has and continues to make a positive difference for our disabled and special needs 5 year old daughter.  The therapy and support has helped her go from nonverbal to early communicator, where she is able to communicate  her likes and needs….”juice”, “light on”, “pizza!”. Thank you very much for looking after these children.

Warmest Regards From The Family!

We are so happy to share with you some of Tiffany’s milestones.  She is having lots of progress and we could not find enough words to say how thankful we are for the supports from you and the community. With this, Tiffany is having many chances to learn and practice her social skills and being happy with people.

Thankful Parent

So true! Life with autism is difficult.

Out of pocket expense for raising a child with Autism is stressful. I can tell you Waves of Changes for Autism literally improved our life for 3 years and we are forever4 grateful.

Thankful Parent – C.

Our son was diagnosed with ASD and required ABA/IBI therapy.  We did our research and realized that the amount for private therapy was insurmountable, and one we would not have been able to afford.  Our son was just placed on the government waiting list, which means, we will not obtain any funding anytime soon.
We found ourselves in a predicament where our son needed immediate therapy but were unable to afford treatment.  Additionally, the day-care our son attended conveyed to us that they would not have been able to accommodate him any longer due to extra-care attention that he requires.  This was a sad moment for us.
We searched extensively for organizations which offered financial support for ASD treatment and we found Waves of Change.  We immediately contacted them and they encouraged us to apply.  We applied, and within a few weeks were approved for funding.  The application and approval processes were seamless and thanks to Waves of Change, our son has started receiving treatment.  Without a doubt, with their financial support, Waves of Change has been a tremendous source of help to us.

Thankful Parent – F.J.D.M.

Waves of Changes for Autism provided the opportunity for our son with unique therapy which directly resulted our sons improvement in speech and motor development.  This development has continued since and we are heartfelt and grateful for their support.

Thankful Parent

We just recently found out about Waves of Changes through our family doctor after our son Michael was diagnosed with ASD at 4.5 years of age. Michael is 5.5 years old now and thanks to the financial support from Waves of Changes, Michael has the opportunity to have speech therapy sessions twice a month for an entire year. Just one session alone is $130 so we are so grateful for this special gift.

Thankful Parent – S.S.

On behalf of my entire family, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Waves of Changes for Autism. Thanks to this remarkable and selfless organization, we were able to provide our son Dylan, who is on the autism spectrum, ongoing Speech Therapy. Dylan has had noticeable gains in language and behaviour. With continued therapies we know Dylan will shine bright! 

Thankful Parent – A.C.G.

Our family was blessed the day we came across this wonderful organization Waves of Changes for Autism. When trying to enroll my children (who are both on the ASD Spectrum) into programs which we thought would help our children with the challenges they face being on the spectrum. The organization was supportive and guided use through the application process. The application process was seamless and very well organized from starting the application to being approved. I am grateful and thank this incredible and selfless organization for all they have done for my children because of them my children now have a chance to learn and develop skills to be successful and gain confidence in their everyday life.

Thankful Parent – S

Our four and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with autism just one year ago. A fundamental shift took place in our lives when we realized one of our precious children needed an overwhelming amount of help and support to enable her to lead a successful and happy life. For the first time we felt that we as parents may not be enough – we needed therapists, doctors and a whole support team around us to help lift her up and move her forward. As a young family in today’s day and age, it was almost impossible for us to make all the ends meet and provide her with all the different therapies she needed. With the help of Waves of Change for Autism, we were able to reach past the barriers of our financial circumstances and bring about even more change and support for our little girl. There is nothing else that we could have asked for at this point in time in our lives. Thank you to all of you who have made this possible – you have helped one little girl’s love, laughter and spirit be stronger for the journey ahead.